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Is there a minimum or maximum order number?

For your convenience you can order just 1 gift card or you could order 5000 gift cards if that is what suits you. Special orders can be organised.

What is the minimum and maximum dollar value per card?

The minimum amount is $10 and the maximum value is $5000.

Is there an expiry date on gift cards?

Gift cards expire 36 months from date of issue.

What type of gift cards can I purchase?

You can purchase a gift card for a store of preference:

  • Supercheap Auto
  • BCF
  • Rays
  • Rebel

What type of Gift Card designs can I choose?

Businesses are able to customise their own card at a cost which can include their own photo/design and logo or alternatively choose from our complimentary library of images that we offer.

How secure are Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are sent un-activated for security reasons. An order number and activation code will be sent to you via email. Once you receive the cards, you can activate an order using the ‘Activate Gift cards' in the menu bar of the homepage of our website. Once an order has been activated, the card should be treated like cash, as we do not hold responsibility for lost or stolen cards.

How do I activate my Gift Card order?

You can activate an order using the ‘Activation Gift Card' option on the menu bar of the homepage of our website. Once an order has been activated, the card should be treated like cash, as we do not hold responsibility for lost or stolen cards.

What if a gift card is lost or stolen?

Once gift cards are activated, they should be treated like cash and cannot be replaced or refunded.

What are the Terms & Conditions associated with the purchase of a Gift Card?

The Terms & Conditions for any purchase should be read with care and understood before placing an order. Please take the time to read the full set of terms and conditions located on this site.

Can a gift card be loaded with more money?

Once a gift card has been loaded, the value of the card cannot be increased.

Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes we do, please contact us to talk about the discounts that we have available on bulk purchases (minimum quantities apply).

Personalised Gift Card image won't load?

The minimum file size is 300kb & the Maximum is 3Mb. If your file is under or over the mentioned size, you will need to upload a new image that fits the requirements.

Logo: The minimum file size is 100kb & the maximum is 3Mb for your 2nd image on your gift card (generally an image of company logo).

Gift Card Tools

If you upload your image on the gift card - click on it - so that you can move, drag, resize and rotate it to fit the size of the card.

It is important that your image covers the entire space of the card so that it covers the red printing lines!

Gift Card Message

There is a maximum of 16 characters allowed to type your gift card message (note that you do not have to type a message, it is optional).

Gift Card Rejected?

Supergifts.com.au may at its sole discretion reject images which it deems inappropriate (e.g. indecent images, company logos, defamatory material or trademarks). You must own the image or have consent from the owner. You warrant that use of the image will not infringe intellectual property rights of others. You authorise Supergifts.com.au to use the image and to store, copy and modify the image for the purpose of creating the gift card.

We will contact you if your gift card has been rejected for one or more of the above reasons. Refunds will be given if rejected.If your question is not answered here, please contact us on 1800 285 410.